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Whether you are buying or selling real estate in Collingwood or across the Southern Georgian Bay, get information on events, neighbourhoods, lifestyle and the local real estate market through my blog.

What $1 Million Can Buy You in Ontario

Million Dollar Collingwood Real Estate

Find out what a million dollars will buy you in communities across over Ontario. The results might surprise you.


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10 Things to Know Before Buying a Home

Before you Buy that Collingwood Home

Being prepared is the best way to buy a home in Collingwood. Here are 10 things you need to know before you take the leap into home ownership.


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What You Need to Know if Buying a Home in 2017

Buying Collingwood Real Estate

Buyers are in for a number of challenges when buying a Collingwood home this year. Find out what they are what you can do about it.


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4 Steps to Building your Credit so you can Buy a Home

Build your Credit Score

Want to buy a home in Collingwood but have poor or no credit? Follow these four steps to get pointing in the right direction.


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Should I Rent or Buy?

Buy or Rent Collingwood Homes

Knowing whether you should buy a home in Collingwood or continue renting is a tough question in this real estate market.


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Should you Buy a Vacant Lot?

Buying Vacant Land and Lots in Collingwood

Buying land for sale is a choice that requires consideration. Find out what you need to know about buying vacant land in Collingwood.


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